Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join the Club?  How old do you have to be?

The Club welcomes all children and teens of any swimming ability.

Does the Club only cater for competitive swimmers?

No, we are a fun, family orientated club catering to all swimming levels. We have 12.5 metre races right up to distance races of up to 400 metres. The aim is to beat your own personal best time, not compare yourself to other swimmers.

What are Club Championships?

Club Championships are held at the end of our summer season to determine the Club Champions for the season in each age group.

What is a Seed Time?

A seed time is a swimmer's personal best time for an event.

What is Finals Time?

Finals time on the results sheets are the times swum in that race on that particular night.

Therefore, if your swimmer swims a time faster than their seed time in a particular race, they have beaten their PB (personal best time).

How are the lanes determined for the swimmers?

Swimmers are allocated their lanes based on their seed time so they are swimming with others at a similar level. For popular events there may be more than one heat. The heats are run in order of slowest to fastest. If an event has more than one heat, all the results are combined to give overall placings.

Can a swimmer attend Club Nights and Carnivals without adult supervision?

No, all swimmers are to be accompanied by a parent/carer at all times, and they will be held responsible for their conduct, safety and any volunteer duties that need to be performed on behalf of them.

Does my swimmer have to enter in all strokes offered on Club Nights?

No, but we encourage swimmers of all abilities to have a go and challenge themselves. Remember, it’s all about having fun!

What do I bring to Club Nights?

·      Swimmers

·      2-3 Towels

·      Water Bottle

·      Snacks

·      Swim Cap

·      Warm Change of Clothes

·      Goggles

How do I find out results from Club Nights?

Results are displayed near the Race Secretary station after each event on club night. After club night has concluded, the results are uploaded to Results Central on the Swimming Australia website. You can find the link to this website on the Picton Swim Club home page.

How long do Club nights go for?

Club nights commence at 6.15pm with a swimming skills session. Racing commences at 6.30pm and we finish approximately 8.00pm.

What is Long Course and Short Course?

Long Course refers to events that are swum in a 50 metre pool, Short Course events are swum in a 25 metre pool.

What is an IM?

The Individual Medley (IM) is an event comprising of four different strokes. The strokes are swum in the following order:

·      Butterfly

·      Backstroke

·      Breaststroke

·      Freestyle

These IMs can be swum over different distances, eg. 100IM, 200IM, 400IM. 100IM is 25 metres of each stroke; 200IM is 50 metres of each stroke; 400IM is 100 metres of each stroke.

What is a Medley Relay?

A Medley Relay is swum with four different swimmers, with each swimming one of the 4 strokes. A Medley Relay stroke order is:

·      Backstroke (so the swimmer can start in the pool)

·      Breaststroke

·      Butterfly

·      Freestyle


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