What do I do when I get to a Meet

If available, check the program timeline (sometimes available a few days prior to the Meet) for your events and ensure you arrive at in plenty of time for your first event in case the Meet is running early.

There is always a warm up period of 30 to 60 minutes prior to all Meets.

On arrival to the pool leave your unwanted gear with parents in the stands and report to the coach wearing your Picton  Swimming cap for warm-up instructions. After warm-up, either sit where the other Picton parents and swimmers are sitting in the stand (look for the Picton banner) or report to marshalling if you are in an early event. If in doubt as to what you should be doing, always check with the coach, plus always check with your coach for pre and post race comments and advice.

Marshalling is not always announced at every Meet. To ensure you don’t miss your race you should aim to present to the marshals 3 to 4 events prior to your race. Keep checking the results board so you know which heat and event is currently being run.

At your first Meet, it is a good idea to let the marshals know that you are new so they can explain the ‘chairs, rows and numbering system’ used at marshalling for heats and events. It is also a good idea to try to buddy up with a more experienced member of your squad or club to make your first Meet as enjoyable as possible.

Please be aware that parents are not permitted on pool deck unless they are volunteering as a technical official or timekeeper.

Enjoy your competition!

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