Information for Parents

Volunteers are a vital part of our sport!
As is the case in most community organisation, families are expected to participate in the running of carnivals in which their children are swimming. This not only shares the club responsibilities amongst everyone involved, but also helps to create an atmosphere of social interaction. Parental participation provides an excellent example of role modelling for children. Many people give up hours and hours of their time to help run swimming events so that swimmers can turn up and compete.


Officiating and Timekeeping
Timekeeping is one of the most common tasks you will be required to perform. Where possible timekeeping time slots are determined by your swimmer’s entries and by what other volunteer duties you may have to perform.  We all dream about getting away early from a swim Meet, however when you are rostered as a Timekeeper or reserve for the final session, it is vitally important to complete your commitment until the Meet finishes. Please respect our requests in this matters.

Swimmers’ Meet entries are accepted on the understanding that a parent/guardian agrees to timekeep, officiate or assist as requested for a least one session per day of the Meet and that refusal to assist as requested may result in the swimmer’s withdrawal from that Meet. Volunteering is designed to share the workload amongst everyone.  

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